Monday, November 26, 2012

nisqually bird refuge

On one of the hottest days that we had this year, Joel and I decided to take a walk at the Nisqually Bird Refuge so that he could get some recordings of birds, and I could just get some exercise and get out of the house!  We drive by this place all the time when we're on our way to Tacoma or Seattle, but hadn't been there since we moved to the Pacific Northwest.  I went with low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised by how huge and pretty the NBR was, how nice it was to walk along the walkways, and how pretty it was to listen to all of the birds.  Our first big(ish) bird that we saw was a woodpecker, followed by a hawk, and a goose (and tons of other little, tiny birds), but what really took the cake was a giant horned owl hanging out in a tree.  We were lucky enough to start a conversation with a photographer who had a giant telescope attached to his camera, who spotted the bird and let us get a closer look through his lens.  I wish that I had a picture of it . . . it was so awesome!  

They built this long pier down to the end of where low tide happens, so that you can walk all the way to the sound (if it isn't already there during high tide).  We walked about half of the way down, but were starting to get sunburned and turned around.  We'll totally be going back someday, though . . .


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