Monday, November 26, 2012

the crystal geyser: part one

After my trip to Thompson Springs to check out the ghost town and petroglyphs with my Dad, he surprised me by taking us out near Green River, Utah to see the Crystal Geyser.  From what I understand, it is one of only a few cold-water geysers in the world, and was created by people drilling for oil, but instead hitting a pocket of carbon dioxide.  It erupts ever 8-22 hours, and we were lucky enough to see the very end of one of the eruptions!  You can see the video below.  

Even though there wasn't much other than gurgles and burps after the eruption (and all of the water is sucked back down!), since it was in the middle of winter, it was really interesting to see how the rock and water around it had eroded and frozen on its path back into the river, and to see the travertine that had built up below.  I would totally go back, and think that it would actually be fun to camp out for a weekend to see a real eruption -- it gets as high as 120 feet!


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