Monday, November 26, 2012

the crystal geyser: part two

While we were exploring down below the geyser, a Sheriff and police officer had pulled up.  When we stopped to talk to them (again, so glad that my dad is a talker!), we were told about a group of big horn sheep that weren't too far from where we were in Green River (we didn't see them, but did find a coyote!), petroglyphs in the San Rafel swell, and a Butch Cassidy signature.  It took me DAYS to find the address of this (and a trip to the BLM that didn't help), but I am so excited that this exists (Butch Cassidy's signature in one of his hide-outs!!!), and am for sure (a year later) going to find it!  I've only got a couple of weeks until we can try.  SUPER EXCITING! 

This was what the river looked like . . . BRR!


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