Sunday, December 2, 2012

calvin johnson's olympia walking tour

In May, The Evergreen State College celebrated 40 years, and Calvin Johnson participated in the festivities by leading a walking tour of downtown Olympia!  He led a small group through the streets to tell us all what each business used to be in the past, events that happened in the area, and stories from his youth.

We stumbled onto this Greener playing the sitar, which was just too perfect and hilarious.  Mariella told me later on that she had listened to the K voicemail later on in the week, and heard a voicemail from this boy confirming being there at the same time -- that Calvin!  He sure knows how to entertain!

We made a stop into the Capitol Theater to watch a short film by an Evergreen student along the way.  

Shauna Bittle from The Evergreen State College put this slideshow with sound together.


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