Sunday, December 2, 2012

friday harbor and the whale museum

I had been wanting to visit The Whale Museum for a long time, so I was pretty excited to have a few hours at Friday Harbor to check it out while we were on our whale watching tour.  When we arrived, we went straight there (but were the only people from our boat to even go!  Weird?).  You show up in the gift shop, and then to get into the actual museum, go up a flight of stairs, and into a few rooms packed with skeletons, information, and treasures.  

After the museum, we grabbed sandwiches at a shop nearby and walked around for a little while.  We found this nice bench to sit on in the park, with the gorgeous view (in the photo below) to look at, checked out the shops after lunch (and bought a cheap pair of sunglasses), and headed back to the boat. 


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