Sunday, December 2, 2012

meowtain hex 7" on piaptk

Over the summer before Meowtain, my husband's band, went on tour, they got together with our sweet friend, Mike Dixon, to design and cut 8" records for the dudes to take on tour, and Mike to release on his record label, PIAPTK.  We hung out in Mike's backyard while they spin-painted the records by placing the records on an old turn table and using a drill to super-spin them.  At the same time, they dripped different colors of paint to create their spin-art.  They turned out super cute and really pretty!

Afterward, they got together and cut the two songs on the same side, then foil-stamped "Meowtain" and "Hex"/"Piggyback Rider".  You can see photos of the finished record here.  SO PRETTY!  Go look at the other PIAPTK records, too!  Mike's a genius!


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