Monday, February 13, 2012

lake and phil elverum

LAKE, Phil Elverum, and Karl Blau were around the office this week, and a few people asked me to head down to the studio to take a bit of video and a few photos . . . so I did!

Friday, February 10, 2012

2011 potlucks and holiday parties!

Before I left for Colorado for Christmas, we had three potlucks in a row!  The first was at Calvin's house because there was a show at the Capitol Theater, and he had invited the people playing to come over for dinner beforehand.  

The next potluck was hosted by Joel and I!   We had a potluck/cookie swap (the second party that we've ever hosted!), and invited a whole bunch of friends by way of Facebook (even though I'm pretty sure that I forgot to invite some pretty important people. Oops!). Joel and I made black bean and butternut squash enchiladas, two bowls full of roasted cabbage, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, and kale, and a big salad (the best salad ever, actually -- thanks for the recipe, Sophia!), with lettuce, avocado, goat cheese, and blueberries. YUM! We also had lots of snacks like pretzels and tortilla chips with hummus and salsa, and provided half of the frosting (green and blue vanilla frosting) and chocolate with sprinkles and baking pearls, and chocolate chip cookies. Beth brought over cream cheese frosting with a giant plate full of sugar cookie people, candied nuts, and a bowl of tangerines, and Rachel and Dylan brought over some vegan chili! Other cookies that made their way over to our house were peanut butter, ginger, chocolate, and another plate of sugar cookie stars and ornaments! We're pretty lucky that our friends are so into baking and hanging out!

After we snacked, we turned on the Mario Kart and Wii Bowling. Our friend Bob showed up with some homemade dandelion mead (made from local honey from my boss and her husband's bees!), and as the party winded down, Joel and Bob had a Dr. Mario competition while Lizzy and I talked. The four of us played a few quick rounds of cards and called it a night. There was a pile of dishes higher than the sink and a silly amount of food leftover in the fridge -- I did my best to send the sweets home with everyone else, luckily!

At one point in the night, my boss, Calvin, asked me what the two toilet seat covers were doing on the wall, referring to my fabric-covered embroidery hoops!  Nice.

Our final potluck of the year was our annual holiday K potluck.  Chain & The Gang were recording that week, so it was extra exciting and busy!  There were tons of vegan treats and foods, and our first ever (since I've been here for the past three Christmases) Secret Santa!  I drew Ben, and designed and had business cards made for him, since he is trying to get more recording jobs (and to push him into designing his website . . . hint, hint! :).

Joel B. had me and got me one of my favorite headbands ever (LOVE THEM!).  Thanks, JB!!  We all pitched in to get Calvin a new camera as well, but I'm not quite sure how he's liking it.  Fingers crossed that it gets used a little bit . . . he has a flash and video now!  It was really just SO MUCH FUN!

Thanks for lasting through all of the photos!