Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the evergreen state college forest and beach

A while back, it was exceptionally warm out, so a few of us decided to check out the Evergreen State College beach.  We had only been there before at night, and wanted to see what it had to offer in the daytime.  It didn't disappoint, and was fully of character.  

Bubbles from clams!

And on our way back, we found this hidden note in a tree.  I think that we should all hide little notes around for people to find.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the oregon coast 2011

On our way home from Newport, we decided to take the long way home along the winding coast road. Traffic was terrible, and it was a really slow trip, but it allowed us to stop a bunch on the way.

We went to my favorite place in Oregon, Depoe Bay (with the world's smallest harbor!), and decided to take the whale watching tour for $18/person.  Such a deal!

We saw a few sea lions and an eagle, but that was about it.  It was nice to spend an hour on a boat in the sunshine though, and to get a tour of the coast.  Super beautiful.

When we were near Cannon Beach, we stopped at Hug Point, which we had always meant to stop at, but had somehow always driven past.  We found a few little hideaways, lots of sea life, and the first large crabs that we had ever seen in the wild.

I read on the internet that this used to be a highway, and that it's called Hug Point because vehicles had to "hug the road."  Can you imagine?  Geez.

On our final stop before heading home, we stopped to check out the tide pools at Cannon Beach (the Goonies beach!).  It never disappoints.  

We stopped at a cute Mexican restaurant for ridiculously good fajitas outside, and made our way back to Olympia.  Such a great trip!