Wednesday, January 23, 2013

newport, oregon

After our trip to the aquarium in Newport, we decided to head down to the boardwalk to have lunch and check out the sea lions.  Last time we were there, this place was filled with sea lions, so we knew we wanted to stop.  This time, it was a little more sad than awesome, since they were branded and it looked painful.  It's still always cool to see sea creatures so close, you know?

Clam chowder and fish and chips!

I love these things that you stick your head into!

Ice cream break before the beach, duh!

Can you see the red squid holding the hand of the person?  Too cute!

We couldn't decide if we wanted to drive home (four hours) or spend the night, and after finally deciding, we could find literally only one open hotel.  We decided to take it, and it was probably the worst place we've ever stayed.  I was feeling grumpy and ready to just go to bed, but Joel convinced me that it wasn't that bad, so we decided to go to a new beach for the evening, and to get dinner to bring back to the hotel.  Everything instantly was way more awesome.

We took turns doing karate chops off of sand dunes . . . 

We played with the multiple exposure function on the camera . . . 

We watched the giant moon come up . . . 

And surprise fireworks on both sides of us!  It turned a grumpy night into a really nice time.  I love that feeling.


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