Thursday, February 21, 2013

big sur, california

In the middle of our trip to San Francisco, we decided to take a side-trip down to Big Sur, since Joel and I had never been there before, but Beth and Dixon kept raving about how it was the most magical place that they had ever been.  Turns out, it's totally beautiful.

No road trip would be complete without stopping to take pictures in front of a giant artichoke!

These were hanging out next door to the giant artichoke -- more giant fruits and vegetables, filled with fruits and vegetables!

This picture cracks me up -- she did NOT want to get back in the car!

We made it!

I wish we had giant cacti growing in our backyard.  SO pretty.

The Dixons had taken this same trail last time they were in Big Sur and wanted to show us, as well.  The plan was to get hot hiking down to the beach, and to hop in the water, but it was so windy that none of us wanted to even get too close.  It was a nice, hot walk though . . .

The beach from above!


After our hike, they took us to a fancy restaurant that overlooked the ocean to split a piece of chocolate cake.  YUM.

That night, instead of going back to SF, we stayed in Monterey . . . I'll post those photos soon!