Wednesday, February 13, 2013

beaches near forks, washington

I can't remember exactly when these photos were taken, but I do remember that it was a gloomy, sprinkling day in Olympia when Judy and I decided to get out of town for a day trip to the beach.  Once we got past Aberdeen on the way towards Forks, the sky opened up to the beautiful blue sky and a magnificent SUNNY DAY.  It was glorious!

We drove straight through most of the beaches and even Forks (after stopping to grab lunch to bring with us), and made our way to La Push.  Judy had never been there before, and I wanted her to see how awesome it really is.  It didn't disappoint!  We found big trees to stand on, and Judy made friends with a bunch of giant birds.

She was bribing them with lunch to come near . . . it worked.

As silly as it is, I made her stop here for pictures.  Every time my mom comes to visit, she takes pictures of this bridge.  It looks different every single time.

Next stop: Ruby Beach!

We waded in the water, checked out this sweet fort, stacked rocks, and I collected driftwood for crafts. You know, the norm.

On our way back, we stopped at pretty much every beach along the way.  We found a forrest of spruce burls.

Rip tide, dude.

We spotted this giant float from the burl woods and hoped that it was some crazy barrel filled with something crazy from the tsunami in Japan.  Nope, just some styrofoam.

We sat on top of this gigantic log for a while and let the waves pound and roll it every seventh wave.  Huge, crazy pushes of waves.  So fun.

And on the way home, we found an epic rainbow.  Trips with JB are the best. 


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