Saturday, February 2, 2013

north bend, washington

On our way back over the pass from Yakima, we hit major snow, pretty immediately.  Thankfully, Judy had borrowed her roommate's chains for the weekend, and we were kind of prepared to put them on.  By kind of prepared, I mean that I didn't have any idea how to help, and Judy got down on her hands and knees and figured out how to put the chains on.  She showed up the cute boy in front of us who was also putting chains on by himself (and having a hard time doing so), and after some cursing, we were back on the road!  There were no photos of this for obvious reasons.

It was feeling pretty sketchy, so OF COURSE we jumped at the chance to stop in North Bend for cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee (for Judy!) from the Twin Peaks diner.  They had cleaned it up since I had been there the last time (all of the dusty Tweety birds had been taken down), and it felt good to just sit in a warm restaurant for a little bit before braving the snowy roads again.

Since this was Judy's first time to actually explore North Bend, we made a quick detour to Snoqualmie Falls just as it was starting to get really dark to check out the famous waterfall.  It was actually a pretty sweet time to see it, and I think that I'm already ready to go back again!

Thank you for the best trip ever, JB!


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