Monday, February 18, 2013

san francisco, california

Sometime last year, our best buds, the Dixons, invited us to come along on vacation with them for a few days in San Francisco.  They were super amazing and took care of all of the plans from the flight to the hotels, and made our time in California very special and unforgettable.  

Our fancy hotel was located downtown, so we decided to spend a lot of our time walking and taking public transportation -- busses and TROLLEYS!  I hadn't been to San Francisco for a few years, and don't think I had ridden on a trolley since I was in 5th grade (if ever), so it was exciting to get the chance.  I wasn't as into it as I thought I would be (it was actually really packed and uncomfortable), but we didn't have to go far.  We made it to the super windy road (Lombard Street), and walked down to Fisherman's Wharf.  My favorite part of this was seeing Alcatraz from every street that was looking in that direction.  I'm not sure why, but I'm super into the idea of visiting Alcatraz.  I guess it could be because we watched Escape from Alcatraz and The Rock before we left!  I'll post the photos from Fisherman's Wharf soon!

One of the other nice things about being in SF and being downtown was that just walking around, there was so much to look at -- I really enjoyed all of the store windows and the hot tub of our hotel!

The morning we left, we packed all of the touristy stuff into our trip that we could.  The Dixons were very accommodating to me wanting to do really silly things.  For example, the house above is from Full House!

We also made it across the Golden Gate Bridge to have lunch and walk around in Sausalito.  Best sandwich ever next to the water.  So lovely!

We also had the Dixons take us to Haight Ashbury, where Mike showed us Jerry Garcia's house (above).  We also stopped in at Ben & Jerry's for Cherry Garcia ice cream (of course!) before they dropped us off at the airport for us to head home.  What a lovely way to spend the week!  Thanks, Mike & Beth!!


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