Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the oregon coast with the dixons

Sometime during the Spring of last year, our lovely friends, The Dixons, asked us if we would like to accompany them to Eugene, Oregon for a weekend.  The final destination was a record show that Mike was going to be attending, but the idea was to drive down the coast, stop in Astoria for a night, and continue on to Eugene the next day.  We left late on a Friday afternoon, made it to our hotel in Astoria, swam, and went to bed early!

We got up really early that next morning and drove to Cannon Beach, to get there early enough to check out the tide pools while the tide was out.  We had done this a few times before and it was magical, but every time that we had gone in the past, it was warm and sunny.  7 am on a windy, rainy Winter/Spring day was miserable.  It was beautiful, obviously, but not worth sticking around for very long.  We walked around, took a bunch of pictures, and high-tailed it back to the car to see what else we could find.  Being so early though, not much was really open, and we kept on driving until we hit Tillamook.

I love stopping at the Tillamook Cheese Factory!  It's pretty much the same every time -- walk around and see the factory from above, get some free cheese samples, eat some ice cream, and take pictures in the cut-outs.  It's definitely more adorable though with a baby!

Smashed penny -- part of my favorite and smallest collection!

Since we were killing time, we walked around the small downtown for a bit and found every single thrift store.  Kind of a bust, but I couldn't resist taking pictures of the cute Valentines in the window.

After a windy road and upset tummies, we stopped in my favorite little town in Oregon, Depoe Bay.  I had emailed ahead of time to find out if they would be giving whale watching tours (only $18!), and since there was supposed to be a 14' swell (is that the right way to say it?), it was up in the air, and they told me to show up and find out if they would be open.  Turns out, they were, and we went!

This was BY FAR the scariest boat ride that I've ever been on, but I personally actually really enjoyed it.  I sat at the very front of the boat and hopped up and down as we went over the biggest waves ever.  It felt like a roller coaster and was exhilarating, but unfortunately, it made Joel and the Dixons totally seasick, and they had pretty much the worst time ever.  Bummer stomachs and a sad crying baby weren't a good combination.  I promised never to make them go on another boat with me ever again.  We didn't even see any whales, but got pretty close to a bunch of sea lions.  Sorry, buddies!

There were times that because of the tall waves, you couldn't actually see any part of the boat above, except for the tops of the poles, while we were out there.  So wild.

The rest of the weekend wasn't very noteworthy, because after the record show and a few thrift stores, it was mostly just driving five hours back to Oly.  We'll have to go back and see what Eugene really has to offer!  Any suggestions?


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