Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the tulip festival in mount vernon

Sometime last April, Joel's band, Meowtain, was asked to play Yellingham, a music festival in Bellingham, Washington.  We left early that weekend and picked up their drummer, Alex, and made our way up for the day.  Once we hit Mount Vernon, I knew that I wanted to stop.  We were passing through town during the exact right time of the year that the tulips were blooming . . . and there were tons of tulips!

We couldn't really figure out where we were supposed to go, even though there were lines of cars backed up in every direction.  We found their city hall building and were given a map of all of the choice locations to stop at.  You had to pay to enter all of the tulip farms (understandably), so we drove around trying to decide which one we actually wanted to go into.  Along the way, we found fields of yellow daffodils, and couldn't resist getting out to walk through those first.

We made it to Tulip town!  You probably can't tell from the photos below, but there were people everywhere.  Literally on all sides of us.  Still, totally worth it.  We took tons of photos, saw what there was to see, and then made Alex take even more photos of Joel and I.  What a guy!  Thanks, Alex!


Synchronized kite flying.  These guys were pros.

Now that I've been there, I don't know that I necessarily need to go back, but I would absolutely recommend it to anyone out here in the Spring.  So totally beautiful and worth it!

And once we made it to Bellingham, we asked some locals where to go, and what we should see.  They sent us to this tiny beach.  I think I like Bellingham.


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