Saturday, February 2, 2013

toppenish, washington

After our awesome night in Yakima, we ended up heading to a hotel in Sunnyside, WA, due to some confusion when booking the hotel.  It ended up being great, and it gave us a reason to venture in a direction that we hadn't been before (at least, I hadn't been that way yet!).  We hit some thrift stores in the area, and then made our way back towards Yakima.  After seeing a sign along the road saying something like, "Mural Museum," we knew that we had to turn off.  Toppenish, Washington is one of my favorite cities ever.  It is FULL OF MURALS . . . like, everywhere you turn.  And I love it.

This one was definitely one of my favorites . . . it was so bizarre.  The story is below.

In the middle of our mural tour, we stopped to walk around what seemed to be the main strip of downtown and found my favorite store ever.  It was full of southwestern clothing and Pendleton blankets and fabric . . . all for what seemed like was on sale.  Judy and I both walked away with matching scarves in different colors, and I bought a new pair of Minnetonka moccasins (which I've almost worn every day since.  Love them!).

I want to come back in the summer and explore more.  It was awesome!


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