Friday, February 1, 2013

wwe wrestling in yakima, washington

Sometime last year, one of my best lady friends, Judy Baumann, asked me to drive to the other side of the state to see a WWE house show.  Since the drive takes a couple of hours, we made a weekend of it and spent the night in Yakima, eating delicious veggie fajitas and watching Judy yell at wrestlers.  It was amazing.

They wouldn't let me bring my camera in, so I ended up using up two disposable cameras and taking a ton of iPhone pictures.  Judy had gotten us really close -- one row back -- from the ring, and it was ridiculously fun.  It was easy to tell who favored who, and what was a big deal.  Every time someone new would come out, Judy gave me a little bit of their history and back story, and tried to explain what was happening.  She's the best.

Thanks for taking me along, Judy!!!! <3 nbsp="" p="">


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