Monday, April 15, 2013

anacortes, washington and deception pass

This summer during the first Unknown Music Series in Anacortes, WA, Joel and I drove up with the idea of going, but then we just didn't.  We shared a giant bed with JB (thanks, Judy!), and spent the first day at Washington Park, checking out the sea and plant life in the area, and walking around to see what we could see.  Joel and Judy eventually went to the UMS for a few hours that night to see a few bands, while I stayed in the hotel room to watch cable tv, and met up with them later for a drink before bed.  

Apparently, this is a very famous tree.  My pictures don't do it justice.

New crab buddies.

We told Joel we would give him $10 to lick this shlug . . . 


Anacortes magic light!


Totally tame deer.  

The next morning, we had planned a trip to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, but were super early (two hours!) for the ferry.  We decided to find a place to buy a discover pass (to get us into Washington parks for the year!), and to visit Deception Pass again, because why not?

Joel hated the height, but walked across with me anyway.  One of these times, we'll take a boat to see it from the bottom!

And every time I'm in Anacortes, I always want to take a picture of this ship-turned-forest.  I wish I could explore it up close!  


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