Tuesday, April 30, 2013

cave of the winds in manitou springs, colorado

The next stop on our very touristy day trip to Manitou Springs was to Cave of the Winds.  I love caves so much!  I had been here once before when I was a kid, and from what my mom told me after I told her that we'd gone, was that our tour was pretty much the same as it had been 20 years before.  There was a lot of grumpiness from a couple of members of our group, but after some (a lot) of hesitation, we waited around for the next tour, and went down into the warm (compared to the weather outside), 54 degree cave.

They told everyone in advance that this would be the shortest part of the cave, and to make sure to get low.  Joel's dad still managed to hit his head going through.  Whoops!

This is the only part of the tour that I remembered from when I was young.  Explorers of the cave had to climb down this rope and wood ladder with a torch light (that was blown out quite a bit -- cave of the winds) to get in and out of the cave.  You can see where they would be swung around, and their fire would touch the top of the cave to the left of the hole.  I guess they have another tour where you can only use candle light, you explore a different part of the cave, and they tell you all of the ghost stories of the cave.  This sounds AWESOME.

I can't remember what they called this kind of rock, but the tour guide referred to it as bacon rock quite a few times!

I have such a terrible memory, but from what I remember, if you threw a penny or bobby pin onto the wall and it stayed, you would have good luck (or get married, if you weren't already.  This was started by two women who left bobby pins in the hope of getting married).  If you were already married and threw it on, but it fell off, you would get a divorce!

When we came out, it was getting dark already.  This was the original entrance to the cave -- imagine scaling that to get down there!  

I would totally go back again.  So worth the stop.


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