Monday, April 8, 2013

country jam 2012 in grand junction, colorado

At the beginning of every summer for the past couple of years, I've been able to go home to Colorado for a couple of weeks to hang out with my family and play in the mountains and desert.  For the past two years, my mom has also been nice enough to buy me a VIP ticket for one day of Country Jam, the four-day music festival in Grand Junction, CO.  My mom has a ticket in the second row, center, that is renewed every year for the whole thing, but when I've gone, I've literally ended up in the farthest seat possible in the VIP section.  It hasn't really mattered though, because like last year, I was able to sit up front for the majority of the afternoon, into the evening, and it was great.

This was the view coming into Mack, over a big hill, where everyone was camped for the weekend!

The first two performers were good, but unfortunately, I can't remember their names to save my life!  I also can't find them anywhere online.  Bummer!  Sorry . . . 

The McClymonts played next, who were great!  They are three sisters who reminded me a lot of the Dixie Chicks (which I'm sure they get a lot), but were really energetic and adorable Australians.  So fun!

I had seen JoDee Messina at least once before, and I didn't remember liking her as much as I did this time.  She was SO GREAT!  Of course, she played all of her hits, and her new songs really resonated with me as well.  I would totally go to see her again.  So fun!

I should also tell you that I fell in love while I was at Country Jam (sorry, Joel!).  Luke Bryan is my new Bryan White (my favorite).  I thought that I knew a few of his songs going into the day, but while he was playing, I didn't realize how many I actually knew . . . tons!  His show is the best that I've been to in years . . .

I started out in the front next to my mom for the first part of his show, and was immediately won over.  He has so much energy, is hilarious, and so cute.  DUH.  SO CUTE!  I tried my mom's iPhone video camera out for the first time.  You can see for yourself: 


Half way through LB, the lady who sits next to my mom showed up for the night, and I was forced to leave to my own seat.  I didn't get very far, and just stood in the center towards the back where there were empty chairs.  My mom had told me that if her chair neighbors left again, she would text me to come back down.  She texted, and I came back down, but she left!  She knew I liked him, and wanted me to see the rest of the show up front.  She's the best!  LB even did Rihanna and Bieber covers on the piano.  LOVE IT!

During "Country Girl (Shake It For Me)", he invited this man up on stage to shake it, and it was hilarious.  Luke Bryan is playing five hours from me on my birthday this year . . . wish tickets weren't sold out already!  

Like last year as well, I showed up on Military Day this year.  There was a big presentation with tons of flags, and as awesome and patriotic as it felt, it wasn't as epic as the year before after finding Bin Laden.  There were crazy vibes in the air that night.

Trace Adkins finished the night off, which was exciting since I had never seen him before, but also a little more boring, since my seats were in the boonies (as you can see above).  I didn't realize I didn't know so many of his songs, but the ones I knew felt pretty special.  I kept moving up, and up, until I was finally back at the front of the stage for the end of it.  He is a BIG MAN.

And fireworks to finish the night off!  THE BEST!  Thanks for an awesome day, mom!!  


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