Tuesday, April 30, 2013

experience music project and sci-fi museum in seattle, washington

We got out of town a few months ago for a day out in Seattle with our buddies, the Dixons.  Our main destination was the Experience Music Project and Sci-Fi Museum.  There was a really good Seattle music/mostly Nirvana exhibit that featured a lot of Olympia treasures!

There was also a great Jimi Hendrix exhibit, full of Jimi's amazing clothes.  This was my favorite outfit!

Aside from the music, there was also a really great (maybe my favorite!) movie and sci-fi museum attached.  


It's hard to explain what's happening here . . . 

. . . but this was part of it.


The final part to the museum was a leather jacket exhibit.  Not only did they have Elvis' leather jacket, but they also had his motorcycle!

And this belonged to Michael Jackson himself.  RAD!


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