Monday, April 15, 2013

hole n" the rock

On the way to and from Monument Valley, right outside of Moab, is Hole N" The Rock.  What started as a home blasted from the rock, turned into an even bigger home, then a small diner (pictured from the outside below), and what is now a gift shop and guided tour of the untouched home.  When the owners wanted a bigger place, they just blasted out another room from the rock, and chipped at the walls to make shelves.  Their collection of rocks and self-taught full-size taxidermy is ridiculous.  Photos weren't allowed on the tour inside, but I can guide you to a Google search that gives you a pretty good look into the house, and can tell you that it is well worth your $6 to stop for the 12 minute tour.  Sadly, the original owners died and are now buried near their home in the rock.  What a great place.  Does anyone have $2,900,000 to give me so that I can buy my dream house and live the rest of my days in the desert?


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