Tuesday, April 16, 2013

lime kiln state park and ORCAS!

After leaving from Deception Pass in Anacortes, we hopped on the ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in hopes of seeing orcas at Lime Kiln State Park.  You never know where they're going to be, but since this place is nicknamed "Whale Watch Park," it seemed like we had a good shot.  If nothing else, we got to spend the day on an island, checking the place out and seeing what we could see. 

We drove straight across the island to get to the park, and literally as we turned the corner, I screamed, "WHALES!"  Joel thought I was messing with him, because he likes to yell the same thing at me when we're near the water, to mess with me where there really isn't anything there.  I swore to him that I saw six or seven fins sticking out of the water, and as soon as we came back through the trees, there they were!  We hadn't even gotten to the park, but there was a pull-out along the cliffs, where tons of people had gone down near the water to see the orcas closer.  I was literally shaking with excitement, and ran down the hill as fast as I could to get closer.  AMAZING.  My photos don't begin to do how awesome this day was justice.  They were right there, right near the land, and hundreds of yards from any of the whale watching boats.  We watched them until they made their way down the coast to where we couldn't see them, and headed on our way towards Lime Kiln.

In the excitement, I changed somehow changed my camera settings while running, and ended up with some blurry photos!  Whoops!

I tried to take a video to try it out, but couldn't see the screen, and didn't know where the whales were, so I gave up.  Ended up with a few seconds of this . . . 

Since the whales were headed in the other direction, we decided to go get some lunch and come back afterwards.  WORTH IT!  We sat and ate our lunch while watched the whales work their way back down to Lime Kiln from above, and as they got close to the park, we booked it back there to try to see them up close again.  SO WORTH IT!  They were even closer this time, jumping out of the water, and literally feet from where we were.  I think I cried from excitement.  

Since we still had to catch a ferry and drive for four hours, we headed home as the whales started to swim away.  I can't wait to go back this summer to try to see them again.  BEST EXPERIENCE EVER.


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