Tuesday, April 2, 2013

monterey bay aquarium

The day after our Big Sur adventure, all of my sweet buddies agreed to go to the Monterey Aquarium with me.  I had gone in 5th grade, and remembered it as being the best aquarium that I had ever been to.  It totally did not disappoint, and to top it off, there was a JELLYFISH EXHIBIT!  My favorite!!

This was from a display about plastic in the ocean.  I know that it's messed up (and I'm going to try my best to stop buying things that come in/are made of plastic), but it was really pretty.  

We made it right in time for their deep sea feeding.  They had a HUGE aquarium with tons of sardines, rays, turtles, and a giant sunfish (the first that I had ever seen).  It was close to the best thing we saw all day.  

Along with the jellyfish, I love the sea horses and all of their relatives.  The leafy sea dragon!  Unreal!

This part of the aquarium was really cool.  Since there was a sleepy baby in the mix, we rushed through it, but they had really neat interactive displays, and a jellyfish that had never been displayed before in public (below).  Jellies are so beautiful -- I can't take it sometimes!  One of my best memories is standing in the same building when I was little and watching the orange jellyfish swim in a circle all around me.  So awesome to be back.

One of my other favorite things about Monterey are the otters.  We didn't see any in the wild this time, but this one at the aquarium was pretty darn cute.

And just because, baby Ryer!


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