Wednesday, April 10, 2013

monument valley

MONUMENT VALLEY IS MY FAVORITE PLACE EVER.  So far, it's at least in the top 10 places that I've ever been.  LOOK AT THIS PLACE!  It is magical.  I can't begin to explain the feeling.

We spent hours here, taking pictures as the sun went down, and making new friends (see below!).

We really covered every angle!  ;)

Inside the hotel, we stopped into their giant and beautiful gift shop to shop for turquoise jewelry.  We weren't disappointed, and my mom and I both walked away with a necklace.  After shopping, we had dinner -- a navajo taco (yum!) with tea, and stopped to see a tiny bit of the daily John Wayne movies that were being shown outside (what better place to watch them??), and tried our hand at wobbly night photography for the first time.

My dad made friends with a stray dog, and made sure to feed him a few boiled eggs, and give him a lot of water to drink after playing fetch and running around.  Dogs love my dad!

The next day, we did even more shopping!  I bought a really beautiful turquoise ring (which I've already managed to lose two stones from :( ), and my dad surprised me with a bear claw necklace with turquoise and coral on top.  SO PRETTY!  Thanks, Dad!  To top it off, we found THE BIGGEST DREAMCATCHER I'VE EVER SEEN!  EPIC!

On our way out of town, we stopped to take more pictures of that view . . . and headed home.  I'm crossing my fingers we can go back again this year.  


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