Monday, April 8, 2013

on the way to monument valley

While I was home for a few weeks during the summer, I convinced my parents to drive me down to Monument Valley for the weekend.  They go once or twice a year, but started going after I moved out of the state.  After seeing my mom's photos year after year, I knew that I had to go!  The trip did not disappoint.  I love the desert!

This was Mexican Hat, UT, where we stopped along the way for an ice cream cone.  Apparently, my grandparents worked here when they were younger -- my grandpa, building houses and buildings, and my grandma, working at a diner.  It felt neat to be somewhere where they spent part of their lives.  Wish we knew exactly where they worked.  It's a tiny place!

There were tons of arches and rock formations along the way to get me psyched up for our destination! What a beautiful state!

This was Goosenecks State Park, which overlooks the San Juan River.  I've been really itching to see the Grand Canyon, and this was a stop along the way that my parents gave me to compromise for the weekend.  It reminded me a lot of Dead Horse Canyon.

Bluff's sign made me laugh -- Established 650 A.D.!



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