Thursday, May 23, 2013

an oregon coast weekend trip

A few weekends ago, Joel and I took a trip down the Oregon Coast to get out of town and just see what we could see.  I didn't really realize that we were actually going on an out-of-town adventure, since we just hopped in the car to get out of the house, and I left my camera behind.  Big mistake!  We made it to Astoria, OR before we were hungry and stopped for fish and chips off of a boat!

Not long after, we decided to make it to the beach, and rather than hitting Cannon Beach, like we normally would, we chose the quieter option nearby of Hug Point.  We brought along a blanket and guitar, laid in the sun, explored some rocks, and dipped our toes in the water.

We stop at this view point every single time we drive by.  I'm always convinced I'm going to see whales from here, but I never do.  It sure is pretty, though.

We got a hotel for the night that had a BUILT-IN HOT TUB.  OMG.

The next morning, we got up early and drove to Depoe Bay (my personal favorite little town in Oregon) to take a boat for the third time to potentially see some gray whales.  We showed up the day after their week-long Whale Week, and only made it about a mile from shore before we were surrounded by whales and spouting water.  AMAZING.  I wished so hard that I had my SLR.

Our next quick stop was to Newport, OR to visit the sea lions hanging out by the dock.  One kept sticking its face into the water and blowing bubbles while it was asleep.  HILARIOUS.

We had a minor meltdown on our way back home and stopped in Lincoln City for lunch.  Epic veggies burgers were eaten in a warm sun room overlooking this pretty lake.  Worth getting hangry for.

And just because we had to, we stopped in Cannon Beach.  Windy and beautiful.

When we got back in the car, Joel broke my favorite sunglasses.  SAD TIMES, but still worth the amazing day trip.


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