Wednesday, May 1, 2013

northwest trek in eatonville, washington

We spent an afternoon a few weeks ago at Northwest Trek, a wildlife park in Eatonville, WA with our adventure buddies, the Dixons.  We showed up and immediately took the tram through the free-range area to see elk, bison, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, caribou, swans, moose, and deer.  The moose and bison were my favorites -- they were so close!  I wish that my camera wasn't in the shop!

After the tram ride (which was surprisingly long and awesome), we walked the mile around the park to see the wolves, coyotes, big cats, and bears.  I would totally go back.  We stopped in McKenna for dinner, and took a picture of the giant burger challenge wall.  The champion ate a 5 pound burger in 9 minuts and 30 seconds!  Insane!

After dinner, this was the sunset as we drove by Ramtha.  Whoa!


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