Saturday, May 4, 2013

snowy owls near ocean shores, washington

A few weeks ago, Judy and I drove down to a small beach near Ocean Shores, WA to see if we could spot one or two of the twelve snowy owls that had made Damon Point their home for the winter.  We walked around for a few hours, partly along the beach, partly along pre-made paths, and partly in the brush in places that we really had no business walking, but were successful in finding two snowy owls hanging out in the area.  

The first was easy to spot hanging out in a tree, with a dozen people below it taking photos with their iphones.  We took a billion photos too, and moved along to see if we could find more.

We stumbled onto another photographer with the biggest lens we've ever seen, scoping this guy out from about 100 yards away.  We approached slowly and quietly stood about the same distance away taking photos too.  More people came along, and he took off further down the beach.  Judy and I went to investigate where he had been sitting and found an owl pellet!  We obviously decided to take it home to dissect!

While we were walking where we shouldn't have been, we almost walked right into the biggest ant hill I've ever seen.  NO THANKS!


Our first owl buddy was still hanging out in the same tree that we had originally seen him in, but the lighting was getting better, and no one else was around.  We decided to get a little closer to check him out and see if we could get some better photos.  I just wanted to pet him -- he looked SO SOFT.

This man showed up not long after we came back, and decided to get even closer for photos with his phone.  The owl shot him the funniest look!

We waited even longer, and when the owl started to fluff up, Judy and I both let out a collective, "OOH!"  Ha!

We decided that we had probably had enough fun and were getting tired, so we took a stroll down the beach back to the car . . . where Judy decided to THROW MUD AT ME.  

Such a beautiful day!  Thanks, JB!